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There’s a lot to love in this book… For one, the author’s ability with characters is actually kinda godlike…Most of the stories are bright and fascinating mainly because they’re very quirky in that fundamental human sense. Every Character is odd or stands out as something fantastic and well worth looking deeper and deeper into. – Brad K Horner Blog


Five plus stars.. If you’re a serious writer, or ever want to be, there is much to learn from and admire in this eclectic collection. ~Don Sloan, Publishers Daily Reviews and member, National Book Critics Circle


Rating: Recommended
This fellow can write.  His sentences illuminate the screen of an e-reader like neon against wood paneling. ~The US Review of Books


while the plots are minimal, the characters are profound… The author’s defiance of conventional storytelling is both admirable and innovative…  ~Kirkus Reviews


Each story reveals a creative warping of the conventions of storytelling…these stories are fragmented narratives, populated by the young, beautiful, old, cynical, rich, sage, earnest and savagely sad…Quinones’ writing is unfettered as he employs humor, grit, the human condition, murder and sexuality, which makes his “scenes from life” stories a welcome trip through humanity. ~Pacific Book Review


4 Stars … he erupts right from the start with a bold tone that grabs attention…compulsively readable…its characters are kooky, weird, blunt, disgusting, and maybe sometimes even a little bit evil…definitely not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth the read. ~Portland Book Review


Quinones’ scene work…is strong and brings forward vivid images of the characters he creates…The sections that share the same title as the book show a great deal of knowledge and creativity. – The Nerdy Girl Express


Peter Quinones’ crisply funny writing has the kind of omnidirectional sprawl reminiscent of Jacques Tati’s middle period comedies. ~Mike Heppner


…an enigmatic and eclectic collection of stories and pondering.  ~Indie Reader


The words used by Quinones are vast…The stories are told with an urgency that keeps them moving… ~Luxury Reading