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Dixie Demando, an ambitious executive, finds her life being overrun by her younger sister Kim and the independently wealthy Manhattanites who follow her like religious devotees.  Meanwhile Dixie keeps receiving sexts from her boyfriend, a top diplomat in the State Department.


At 4AM Dixie’s apartment is invaded by her sister Kim, who has discovered it’s possible to live off men without having a job.  At the same time Dixie’s man, a statesman with contacts all over the world, prepares to leave for the Middle East.





When an unidentified man is found murdered, the police turn up few leads despite the Byzantine set of bizarre circumstances and connections they find in relation to the man and his death.



An unknown man is found murdered in a baseball stadium in the Rocky Mountain west.  A few witnesses come forward with cursory and irrelevant information about the man.  However, when his diary is found, he turns out to be an apartment handyman from Boston.  He had a conflict with a tenant, Toyami, who had a barking dog.





Virginia, a savvy middle aged woman turned on by all things cerebral, trolls a Manhattan chess club looking for sex and finds a young and dynamic man named Rolando who changes her life forever.



Forty six year old sapiosexual Virginia goes to an NYC chess club to meet men.  There, she meets the much younger Rolando Carspidrain.  On a date, they run into Virginia’s longtime nemesis Kentuckus Plowfinger, who accosts Rolando.  In return, Rolando kicks him in the face in the middle of the restaurant.





A bright young woman named Eve Patricia meets a charismatic yet sexually impotent older man named Harshwine and is immediately swept up in his life as an art dealer, intellectual, and operator of a petty apartment rental scam.



Recent college graduate Eve Patricia is hired by a negotiations firm and begins to hone her skills in a field called proxemics.  Soon afterwards, she begins an affair with Harshwine, a man twice her age.  Harshwine suffers from impotence but has a beautiful apartment with amazing views of the New York City skyline.  The two meet at an art gallery that Eve Patricia’s firm is working with and is owned by friends of Harshwine.